A Look Into The Statistical Rise In Demand For Holiday Homes

Holiday home rentals in Dubai are becoming increasingly popular as more people are looking for unique and affordable ways to explore different places. Renting a holiday home in Dubai offers a great range of benefits that can't be found in traditional hotel accommodations, such as more space, privacy, and flexibility. It also allows travellers to [...]

Holiday Homes: The Investment That Generates income

Investing in a holiday home can be an attractive option for those looking to make some extra money and enjoy a vacation rental property at the same time. Holiday homes can provide a steady income stream through short-term rentals, while also providing you with an opportunity to enjoy your own vacation home when you need [...]

Creating The Best Kid-Friendly Holiday Home Experiences

Vacation rentals provide a unique opportunity for families to explore and experience a new destination in the comfort of a home away from home. With the right planning, kids can make the most out of their holiday homestay by participating in activities they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. From exploring nearby attractions to learning new [...]

The To-Do List For A Perfect Holiday Home Staycation

Planning a staycation at a holiday home has become increasingly popular in recent years, with more and more people opting for the convenience and comfort of vacation rentals over traditional hotels. Whether you’re looking to get away from it all or simply enjoy some quality time with your family, planning the perfect staycation can be [...]

Here’s How To Save Big On You Next Holiday Home Rental In Dubai

Planning a vacation to Dubai may look like a costly affair. The exorbitant charges on travel and stays take up a major part of a vacation budget. This can sometimes make you feel limited with your choices and expenses, when in fact, you should be having the time of your life planning this trip! Suddenly, [...]

Traveling In A Large Group? Holiday Homes Are A Better Pick Than Hotels

Planning a trip with a large group involves a significant amount of organization. Thinking about where to stay, the places to visit, how to commute are just some of the details that you’d need to figure out, to ensure the itinerary is well-balanced and hassle-free to match everyone’s needs, and the entire trip comes out [...]

Choosing The Location Of Your Next Holiday Home: Factors To Consider

Choosing a suitable holiday home rental in Dubai, has a significant impact on the kind of holiday experience you will have in the city. A great starting point is understanding the ins and outs of how to pick the right location for your stay. There are many elements to consider when selecting the optimal location [...]

The Time To Invest In Holiday Homes Is Now

Dubai has been a hot hub for investments in real-estate, and it is said to be booming in the UAE right now. For people looking to invest in secondary homes, the holiday home market is one that is on the rise within the Emirates and this is a huge opportunity for investors who are looking [...]

STAY Holiday Homes: A Home Away from Home

Gone are the days when tourists, businessmen and people visiting Dubai chose hotels for their short- or long-term stays. Statistics show a clear rise of holiday homes and short-term rental apartments as an option for stay in Dubai. Stay by Latinem, a premium luxury holiday home company, has been leading the space as one among [...]

Amenities at STAY Holiday Homes

Stay by Latinem is a DTCM-certified premium assets management corporation that focuses primarily on providing elegant holiday-homes and serviced apartments for rent in Dubai. We are amongst the top holiday-home businesses in Dubai, providing high-end vacation homes in Dubai, in some of the most sought-after locations within the city. Stay by Latinem Holiday Homes provide [...]

Top reasons to choose STAY holiday homes

It can be daunting to choose where to stay when you are travelling, whether on holiday or business, for a short trip or an extended vacation. While a standard hotel has many benefits and hotel-specific perks, staying at a holiday home in Dubai has far more benefits that out-weigh a typical hotel stay. Here are [...]

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