Terms and Conditions

A. Property Reservation

1. Booking

Reservation of the Property is conditional on receipt by the Host of full payment of rent, security deposit and all fees and taxes, from the Guest at least 7 days in advance of check-in.

2. Rights of Property Usage

  1. Guests shall rent the Property for the duration and at the rate designated on the Particulars section of this Agreement.
  2. Guests are authorized to occupy the Property for temporary accommodation purposes only.
  3. Guest shall not assign or sublet or grant any license to use the Property or any part thereof to any third party.
  4. All Guests or any invitees of the Guest who are visiting the Property, or staying overnight (“Visitor”), who are below 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  5. Valid original identification documents must be presented during check-in procedures by all Guests and Visitors shall provide original IDs when visiting, else no entry will be granted.
  6. Guest must be able to present the Credit/Debit card (as applicable) used for making the reservation online when checking in.
  7. Food and other deliveries for the Guest shall proceed with the existing community guidelines.

3. Rates, Currency, Charges and Taxes

  1. Final rent and service rates are subject to 5% VAT (Value Added Tax), which must be borne by Guests.
  2. Tourism Dirham is a separate fee set by Dubai Tourism Department, and shall be payable by the Guest, as applicable.
  3. All payments due are payable in AED and should the Guest pay using another currency then the exchange rates specified by the Host shall apply. The Guest shall be solely responsible for all bank charges or exchange conversion charges.

4. Cancellation and Refund Policy

  1. All rental payments, partial payments, reservation/booking and all other sort of service payments are non-refundable, all reservations are non-transferrable to any third party.


  1. To receive a full refund, guests must cancel within 48 hours of booking, and the cancellation must occur at least 14 days before check-in
  2. If guest cancels between 7 and 14 days before check-in, guest wiill be paid 50% for all nights
  3. If Guest cancels after that, Guest will not be paid any refunds.
  4. Security Deposit payment is fully refundable, subject Clause (5).
  5. Notwithstanding the foregoing, any loss, failure, or delay arising out of or related to the Covid 19 pandemic shall not automatically constitute force majeure event, however, the Host shall have the discretion to forego certain liabilities and charges on a case to case basis.

5. Security Deposit

  1. Guest are required to provide a Security Deposit as set by the Host prior to check-in. The Security Deposit will be collected prior to check-in and returned within 30-days after the departure (it can be longer in certain cases whenever the Host requires additional time to find a missing or damaged replacement item).
  2. The Host may make deductions from the Security Deposit, at its sole direction in order to:
    1. Repair, replace or clean anything that is damaged or missing or stained by the Guest or Visitor inside the Property or outside such as the balcony, terrace, backyard, patio and/or neighboring properties and to the Community/Common Areas;
    2. To replace all lost or damaged keys or access cards or remote controls;
    3. Arrange additional cleaning for excessive dirt (i.e. stained carpets, sofas, furniture, walls, appliances or any other excessive waste left in the Property)
    4. Arrange laundry or special cleaning in case of smoking or leaving bad odor;
    5. Pay penalties for smoking inside the Property, having a party/making noise, disturbing the neighbors or their properties, trespassing the security gate, conducting illegal or commercial activities or other penalties imposed by the Host, Community management, Dubai Police, Dubai Economic Department, DTCM other governing authority;
    6. For excessive utility charges beyond normal consumption rates (normal consumptions rates are calculated not to exceed AED 1000 per room per month in total and combined);
    7. There will be no facility for calling or upgrade of internet, only Netflix and Amazon Prime will be provided by the Host.
    8. Pay for any fines and/or penalties imposed by the Community management and/or governmental authorities for not following the community and local rules and regulations.
    9. Pay against any services/items that the Guest/Visitor ordered via the Host during their stay.
    10. Pay for unauthorized early check-in or late check-out charges or unreasonable delays and damages caused to the Host and its staff for completing their day-to-day tasks.
  3. If the collected Security Deposit amount shall not be sufficient to cover any/all of incurred charges as mentioned above, the Guest is fully responsible to immediately clear the remaining balance of the Host to cover the shortfall.

6. Amendment/Modification

Any modification or amendment of the confirmed booking by the Guest should be communicated to the Host in writing before 72 hours from the time of arrival and will be considered on availability. Amendments within 72 hours will not be considered in any circumstances and will be treated as a cancellation request and Host’s cancellation policy will apply.

7. Check-in and Check-out Procedures

  1. Standard check-in time is 3PM and check out is at 11 am. Unless otherwise arranged with Host, the set check-out time is crucial for the cleaning team to perform housekeeping duties and to prepare the Property for the next guest. Therefore, unauthorized late check-outs or in the event the housekeeper cannot enter the Property due to delay caused by Guest for any reason – then the Guest will be subject to automatic charge of full-night cost.
  2. The Host shall provide the Check-in services only between [x] and [x]. For check-in at other times, additional charges shall apply and check-in shall be at the discretion of the Host. If the Guest is late, the Host is obliged to wait for [x] hours after the original check-in time. The Host may wait longer at their discretion but extra charges may apply for this.
  3. The Host will check-in and check out the Guest from the Holiday Home System of the Department of Tourism and Commercial Marketing along with any of its own system.
  4. The Property is being rented in an AS IS condition, upon checking in, Guest is required to inspect the Property and the Guest has to notify the Host of any major damages found within 24 hours after check-in, or else the Guest is fully responsible for any costs incurred in respect of any major damage to the Property, that are not reported to Host in time.
  5. When absent from the Property, the Guest shall close and lock all the windows and doors to maintain security and prevent dust, rain and water damage.
  6. If the Guest is absent from the Property for more than 7 calendar days in a row, then the Guest must notify the Host about such absence and allow the Host to conduct regular inspections to avoid potential water leakages or other unfortunate events.

8. Early Check-In/Check-Out

Early check-in/check-out is subject to availability and prior written approval of the Host . Any unapproved early check in is subject to availability and extra charges or full night costs will automatically apply.

9. Maximum Accommodation

During the Booking request, Guest need to mention everyone who is going to be staying including children and infants. The Host will only allow the persons listed during the booking request. No extra persons are allowed under any circumstances. If it is discovered that there are more persons staying than shown in your original booking, Guest’s booking shall be terminated immediately without refund.

10. Medical Requirements

If any of the Guest has a medical condition or any disability that affect their stay, the Guest must inform the Host at the time of booking so that the Host can advise as to the suitability of the chosen arrangements. In any event, the Guest must give us full detail in writing at the time of the booking. If the Host reasonably feels unable to properly accommodate the particular need of the person concerned, the Host reserves the right to decline the Guest’s reservation or, if full details are given at the time of booking, cancel when the Host becomes aware of these details.

11. Force Majeure

Whilst the Host will make every reasonable effort to assure that Guest’s booking does not encounter any problems, due to the very nature of self-catering accommodation, Host cannot accept liability or pay any compensation for any unforeseen events that may take place in the Guest’s accommodation or at the building where the Guest is staying. Any such events which the Host could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid, or that are out of the direct control of the Host’s company will be considered as force majeure and not as negligence on the Host’s part and no refunds will be available.

Such events may include war or threat of war, riot, civil strife, actual or threatened terrorist activity, industrial dispute, natural or nuclear disaster, adverse weather conditions, fire, swimming pool closure, power cuts, air conditioning failure, lifts out of order, TV telephone or internet service out of order, water shortages, construction noise, evacuation by the authorities and all similar events outside of the Host’s control.

12. Liability Waiver

  1. Guest agrees to indemnify and hold the Host harmless for any liabilities including but not limited to loss, theft, damage to personal belongings or injury, illness, sickness or death of Guest or Visitor.
  2. Where the Host is found liable for loss and/or damage to any luggage or personal belongings (including money), the maximum amount the Host will have to pay to the Guest is AED 200 per person affected as it is assumed that the Guest have taken out adequate insurance at the time of booking.

13. Data Protection

  1. In order to process the Guest’s booking and to ensure that the Guest’s travel arrangements run smoothly, the Host shall obtain and record the Guest’s personal data, i.e. name, passport details etc and maintain them electronically. The Host takes full responsibility for ensuring that proper security measures are in place to protect the Guest’s information.
  2. By accepting these terms and conditions, the Guest gives his/her permission for his/her personal information to be recorded, stored, processed, transferred, modified, shared by the Host (which includes any affiliate or member of the Sobha group companies) and agrees that the Host may process the Guest’s personal data for the purposes of the Guest’s stay at the Property. The Guest acknowledges that his/her information may be shared by the Host with security or credit checking companies, public authorities such as DTCM, customs /immigration, if required by such governmental authorities and any third party which may be responsible for the Guest’s travel arrangements. The Guest also understands that he/she has the right to withdraw his/her consent at any time after notifying the Host in writing on the email address mentioned in clause 1 of the Particulars.

14. Promotional Offers

From time to time the Host may promote special offers. Any offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer running at the same time.

B. House Rules

1. Residential Community

  1. Guest and their Visitor must understand and respect that all the Holiday Homes are located in a residential community and hence Guest and Visitor behavior should be reflective of a family environment.
  2. Respect residential amenities and the security of the property and as well as neighbors.
  3. Refrain from any uncivilized/ inappropriate behavior.
  4. Not conduct any illegal or commercial activities inside the property and the premises at any time during their stay.
  5. Guest shall abide by and respect the residential community rules as if they are the residents of the residential community.

2. Guest and Visitors

  1. All Guest and Visitor must be registered with the Host well in advance and valid ID should be presented to the Host and to the community security/reception.
  2. Both Guest and their Visitor must comply with the House Rules and community regulations, procedures as set out by security services and applicable regulations for the holiday homes by Department of Tourism and Commercial Marketing released in year 2020.
  3. Children under the age of 14 should be supervised in all recreation areas at all times.
  4. Guest are responsible for the behavior of their Visitor and for ensuring that Visitors comply with these House Rules.
  5. Maximum number of Visitors allowed is one adult and one child under 14 years of age per bedroom, with no more than six Visitors, except with approval of the building or residential community management and the licensee’s approval; regarding the largest number of guests in special circumstances, not counting a domestic worker or a guard.
  6. The maximum number of Visitors allowed in the Property are two adults and two children under 14 years of age per master bedroom or studio, two adults and one child under 14 years of age per additional bedroom, and only one domestic worker or guard.
  7. Visitor are allowed to enter the Property anytime between 8am and 10pm only.
  8. Visitor may not remain in the Property between 12am and 8am.
  9. Visitor access to the community facilities such as pool, gym or the spa may be restricted or limited as per community rules and procedures.
  10. The Guest and Visitor shall inform the Host at reception whenever they are leaving the premises at any time.
  11. The Guest shall intimate the Host well in advance in case of late check out, with respect to the check-out policies.
  12. At Check out, the Guest shall submit the key card and other items taken from the host at reception.

3. Noise/Disturbance to Neighbors

  1. Guests must not create noise that is offensive to neighbors, during arrival and departure and at any time during occupancy, especially between 10pm and 8am. Noise is considered to be too loud if it can be heard by any adjacent neighbor when inside their house with their windows and doors closed.
  2. Guest are not allowed to enter or use neighbor’s premises including their property, backyard/patio, yard, garden, pool or personal items.
  3. Guest must notify the Host of any dispute or complaints from neighbors as soon as is practicable.
  4. Guest and Visitor must not engage in anti-social behavior and must minimize their impact upon the residential amenity of neighbors and the local community.

4. Gatherings or Functions

Any parties and gathering are strictly prohibited.

5. Use of Community Facilities

  1. The swimming pool/spa must be used only between the hours as set by the community management or the Host.
  2. No glassware is permitted in the pool.
  3. Guest and Visitor must take all reasonable safety measures regarding the swimming pool and spa, in particular with respect to safety risks to children.

6. Extra bedding

Upon prior written request, extra beds and baby cots will be provided upon availability on loan for full duration of Guest’s stay. An extra bed will be charged at AED 150 per night per bed and a one time charge of AED 150 applicable for a baby cot or a high chair(As per availibility)

7. Inventory

Our site will be updated with the full inventory of the property in the property detail in the Property and you will be required to report any missing item within 24 hours of your arrival. Failure to report any items missing or damaged will result in a charge being levied against your Security Deposit.

8. Facilities and Services

All apartments are fully furnished to a high standard and include a kitchen fully equipped with appliances, crockery, glasses and kitchen utensils. Please ensure that all appliances, lighting, air conditioning, hot water etc. are turned off unless required.

9. Housekeeping and Maintenance Service

  1. The Property is prepared by the Host’s housekeeping team on the day of your arrival. Our housekeeping team cannot offer this complimentary service outside of their fixed schedule or supply any additional bed linen or towel than the minimum required according to the number of persons confirmed on Guest’s booking. If additional services are required, then please contact the Host directly.
  2. Host’s maintenance team regularly inspects the Property to make sure everything is in good order prior to Guest’s arrival. Please inform the Host of any issues immediately and the Host shall endeavor to remedy the problem as quickly as possible. Host shall not offer any refunds in case of any malfunctions that may occur in any of the facilities or the appliances during the stay of the Guest.

10. Personal Belongings

  1. Host accepts no liability for the loss or damage of Guest’s personal belongings in the Property during the duration of the Guest’s stay.
  2. Host accepts no liability whatsoever if the Guest leaves behind or forget to pack any of their personal belonging after the Guest’s departure from the Property. If the Host recovers any lost property item left behind, Guest will be required to pay all shipping costs and an additional services charge of AED 100 if the Guest would like it to be sent to them by a courier service. The Host reserves the right to dispose any items recovered and are not claimed within 30 days after the Guest’s departure from the Property.
  3. An authorized representative of the guest can also personally collect any personal belonging left behind by the Guest

11. Lost Keys

Keys and Electronic Building and Parking Access Cards must be returned to the Host upon departure.

  1. Unreturned keys will be charged a fee of AED 250.
  2. Unreturned Electronic Building and Parking Access Cards will be charged a fee of AED 250.

12. Drugs

If the Host discover any evidence of drug use at the Property, it will be immediately reported to the police. Drugs are strictly prohibited in UAE with a zero-tolerance policy. Strict custodial sentences are handed out to those found in possession of any banned substances in the UAE.

13. Access

All the Host’s authorized personnel may at any time access the Property for the purpose of inspection of the Property, housekeeping, and to carry out repair or maintenance work. Host will make every effort to minimize any disturbance to the Guest’s stay.

14. Barbeque

BBQ is not permitted inside any apartment, nor its balconies or terraces. BBQ are only permitted in designated places whereas such facility is provided by the Host or community management in advance.

15. Smoking

  1. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the Property at all times.
  2. Guest can only smoke in areas designated for smoking.
  3. Smoking of Shisha/hookah is not allowed indoors or outdoors for security reasons.

16. Pets

Pets are strictly not allowed in any of the Host’s Property. If Pets are found in the premises, the reservation shall immediately be cancelled without refunds and also the Host may charge from the Security Deposit for cleaning and sanitization purposes.

17. Alterations

Guest may not make any alteration of any kind to the Property without prior written approval of the owner if the Property.

18. Waste Disposal

  1. Guest must dispose of garbage and recycling in accordance with the normal practice at the Property or community and in allocated bins and areas.
  2. Guest must not leave rubbish in public or common areas.
  3. Guest must comply with requirements in relation to the relevant garbage and recycling collection days, as well as any requirements relating to disposal of garbage or waste minimization.

19. Parking

  1. Guest and Visitor are to comply with parking regulations and other requirements set out by the Host and show consideration to neighbors and other vehicles.
  2. Guest and Visitors are supposed to park only in the designated place(s) and to the maximum number of vehicles as instructed by the Host.

20. Penalties and Evictions

Note that below violations will lead to immediate action by the Host:

  1. Loud Music/ Parties/ inappropriate noise level between 10 pm- 8am.
  2. Trespassing or blocking security barrier/gate, illegal parking or swearing at the community management or Host’s staff
  3. Illegal activities/disturbance, damage or illegal access to neighbor’s property/items/community
  4. Improper garbage disposal
  5. Non-adherence of Host’s and community rules in any way

In any/all above cases security deposit will be forfeited and in case of repetition, the Guest might be evicted.

21. Emergency Contacts

Note that below violations will lead to immediate action by the Host:

  1. In the event of any emergency relating to the Property, please contact on this number 800 8437829 (Thestay) immediately.
  2. For any complaints or feedback, please contact of the following number 800 8437829 (Thestay).